Motherboard Boot Problem...Continuous Short Beeps


I have recently purchased a bare-bones kit including the following:

Gigabyte H55M-S2H mobo
OCZ DDR3 PC3-10666 2x2GB RAM

The reason I only include those two is that I kept getting a continuous short beeping error (which according to the manual means Power Supply error, even though I'm pretty darn sure it's all connected correctly). I tried monkeying around with what might be the problem, and the ONLY thing that made the error go away is if I removed the RAM chip closest to the processor...removing the other one didn't do it. Now of course this happened at midnight when I didn't have the thing hooked up to my monitor, and I went to bed feeling that I'd fixed it, but what does this mean? I heard the "single beep of goodness" with that one RAM out, so I'm assuming I'll be able to boot the system to my new operating system, but is it a bad RAM? They're identical and came in the same package. Do I need to do a BIOS flash upgrade? Seems scary!

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  1. By way of more details, when I get the continuous short beep situation I do get fan and light power, it beeps for about 5-10 seconds, is quiet for another 15 seconds or so, and then powers down until it does it all over again.

    Once the RAM chip was removed it powered up, single beep, and stayed on with hard drive/CD/DVD activity.
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