Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition (Need a MOBO for it)

This processors model is HDZ955FBGMBOX so it has the new C3 Stepping. I was planning on buying this motherboard ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO.

I was searching the asus forums and it turns out that the current bios does not support the 955 BE. Also with the C3 stepping processor it will not even allow you to flash the bios.

So i was wondering if anyone knows of a mobo that can flash with the 955 BE C3 stepping processor.

Also does anyone know of any review sites that has done a review on the GIGABYTE GA-890GPA-UD3H AM3 AMD 890GX?

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  1. Hey if you ever find the answer, please post back. I've been searching all day for the same answer.
  2. i think i will prob wait until the 890 chipset is release, it runs 6Gb/s SATA and usb 3.0 and the 6 core processors that will be coming out in less than 3 months
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    A asus 890gx pro board is already being listed down here in little new zealand, apparently the 880g boards gonna be released in a few days at cebit and 890gx a bit later i think.
    Lagg, if you can wait, wait for the 8xx series chipsets, if not get a 790x/gx/fx board
  4. just wish they would list the price of the X6 processors
  5. Alot cheaper then the upcoming gulftown 6 core :) theyll probably start around 250$ i am guessing or mayb a bit more, hard to tell without knowing full specs
  6. from my internet search it looks like they will be running the board at 32nm using High-K Dielectric transistors. Also another site says they will have a hardware system set up that will slow down the other cores and auto overclock the first core when running aps that are not multi threaded

    Been reading more up on the chip and the 32nm remark might be wrong
  7. Thuban will be 45nm not 32. I'm also getting a new system and I'm also gona wait for the 890 chipset, more specific 890fx for dual x16 which will come I believe before May. Also the new quad core 960T is comming that date so I'll get that one, if its has tubro (like thuban will have), if not I'll just get 955 C3.
  8. Does anyone have a good website where i can read about amd processors that have not been released yet?
  9. lol, that was the first website i went to after the post
  10. the 890GPA is looking pretty sharp. i have the 555 right now... Can't wait for 6 cores. I'll be all over it like a lapdance from a hooker
  11. Any of u guys see the pic of the asus motherboard with a core unlock switch?
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  13. Decided that i will wait for the new Zosma core processor and stick that in the crosshair IV
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