Ati hd amd 4200 support pixel shader and could it play pes2010 or nfs shift ?

ati hd amd 4200 support pixel shader and could it play pes2010 or nfs shift
another way is it the best preformance for the best price
sorry for my bad english
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  1. AMD 4200? That sounds like an integrated video from the motherboard? Can you specify what motherboard it is?

    And well, features aren't everything. The more important question is, how fast is it?
  2. GA-MA785GT-UD3H :D
    iam planning to buy this motherboard
    and about the card i just wonder if it could play this games nd fast :D
    i will upgrade it later if it cant play this games good nd if u could advise me which video card should i buy :D
    thanks any way :D
  3. That card is pretty weak to run games. I would suggest u to grab a ati radeon 4850 which will be plenty for u to game at maximum settings.
  4. it will be hard to play games using IGP. if you really want to play games then get discrete GPU. 4870 or 4890 should be nice but if you have money then go for 5850 / 5870
  5. If u r a hardcore gamer (play most of the games in the market) with high resolution like 1920(24inch or higher monitor) and want to be a bit more future proof then wait and grab a 5850 as soon as it hits the market. But if u r in a budget but also can wait till christmas u can also grab a 5770 or even 5750 which will be great for gaming at high resolutions. If u r not that much a hardcore gamer and play in medium or low resolution a simple 4850 can do the job at only $100. So its up2u. If u can wait till december u may grab a good gfx with dx11 support.
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