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Hey my coms a AMD Athlon 64 Single Processor 3400+ (2.2GHz) with HyperTransport Technology with a Nvidia 8800GTS graphics card with 512 mb of ram, Single core processer. If i boost it up with 2g extra, would it actually load MUCH MUCH faster?
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  1. Check your motherboard specs carefully. I suggest you sell the 512 stick on your local craigslist or keep it for a spare. Don't mix it with 1 or 2 gig sticks. If your board is old, 1 gig per slot is probably the limit. The speed increase will depend on your operating system and other factors. If you're planing on upgrading to vista or 7, then it's mandatory. For xp, maybe a 50-75% increase in overall speed is realistic. You'll just have to try it.
  2. well i only boosted it with 1g of ram, and its running much more faster then expected. probably because of my graphics card.
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