Brand New build of mine,need some advice and opinions :)

CPU : Intel Core i7 CPU Lapped D0 stepping -

Motherboard : Gigabyte X58 UD4P Motherboard -

RAM : OCZ Platinum 6GB Triple Channel Memory 7-7-7-24 @ 1600Mhz -

Video Card: Sapphire 4850 512 GDDR3 Dual DVI Video Card -

Power Supply: OCZ GameXStream 700W CrossFire Ready Power supply-

Computer Case: Cooler Master Haf 922 -

DVD Drive: Asus Lightscribe DVD RW

Hard Drive: 500GB 7200rpm Western Digital WD5000AAKS

Cooling Components:

Swiftech GTZ Water Block: -

Swiftech MCP 655-B Water pump -

Swiftech Reservoir-

Swiftech RadBox -

MCR 220 dual 120 mm radiator -

AND MCR320 Triple Radiator Stackable -

Is this any good? need improvements? anything else i need?
to give you guys some idea of what i might need...
i like to play everything but mainly FPS and MMO's like WoW and thinking about Everquest 2,i always enjoy playing them on max quality or settings and im not sure of what kidn of monitor or mouse or keyboard to get.
help? :D

Oh,and do i need a network card? haha
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  1. Thats a top end CPU with an underpowered graphics card. You will get alot better graphics performance with less spent on the CPU and more spent on the GPU. At least get a 4870, ideally a 4890. A 4870x2 or an nvidia GTX 285 or 295 would be top end GPUs.

    Do you have a budget?
    Is there a reason you want to go with liquid cool?
  2. alright,sounds good for the graphics cards.

    aaaannnd,i intended to not spend more than $1500-$1600, but if i have too its okay with me.

    uuummmm,i figured since most of the hardware in my PC is high end and will get pretty hot;why not?! XD
    but if theres downsides or what could be better or something,please dotn hesitate to tell me.
  3. Water cooling is for extreme overclocking, or if you simply want a quiet system. I would almost lean towards saying that water cooling is best when used to build a system that is quiet.
    But be advised, water cooling adds a lot of maintanence to a system, and a lot more to worry about going wrong.
    Unless you are overclocking for the moon, there are a many good fan coolers/case fans out there that do the job, do not make too much noise, and you can install them, and forget about them.
    They are a heck of a lot cheaper too. Spend your money on a better GPU......:)
    And yeah, it'll get warm. But no warmer than the other 15,000 people out there who have built pretty much the same thing, and are doing just peachy fine with fans.
  4. Water and electricity is a bad mix. I won't watercool because I'm afraid of how much damage one mistake can cause. You get 80% of the benefit from aircool with relative safety. Im cautious that way. Im also fiscally cautious and have a hard time throwing out $500 for a graphics card that is only 50% faster than a $200 card.

    I would say you should look at this thread - at the second "gamer" build. Its a good performing I5 with a strong HD4890 Graphics card. The Nvidia alternate is to get a GTX 275 Graphics card. If you do want more graphics performance at some point in the future you can throw a second graphics card in. If you dont feel its enough for you, look at the enthusiast build right after it.
  5. If I were to watercool, I'd change the wall plug powering the system to a GFCI outlet. It wouldn't stop a potential leak, but it would kill the power immediately after one started.
  6. DNDHATCHER, thanks for the link.
    i thought about all of it and i decided to go with something cheaper,seems rediculous to spend alot of money right now.

    The water cooling does sound dangerous. having all of this stuff and a drop of water on it....chaos.
    I didnt think about it till now. fans are a better choice. :)
  7. alrighty better GPU :D

    haha yeahhh i know.
    Personally i would like a computer that plays everything at good settings,not too much noise, and yes im going for fans instead. :)
  8. you could look at the new i5 chips that out its marginally under the i7 920
  9. Liquid cooling is fine for those that are comfortable with it. Quality parts and thorough testing of the loop prior to installllation will eliminate most of those problems.
    One thing to keep in mind, the generated heat is exactly the same. It's just moved away from the parts quicker, but the heat dumped into the room is the same.

    The CM HAF you listed will keep everything cool at stock speeds and reasonable ambient temps. Moderate overclocks should be fine as well. Just get a good CPU cooler.
  10. okay, thanks. :)
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