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Data Recovery

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July 4, 2011 7:44:33 PM

Hello Everybody,

I have one 160 GB SATA Seagate hard disk (Barracuda 7200.11) where i kept a lot of documents within it. One morning when opened my computer i found the windows (Vista) did not boot, it restarted every time after a few seconds. Windows Vista fails to boot to desktop. I then remove the hard disk and add this one to another computer running under Windows XP Pro SP2. Under Windows XP i tried to add this damage drive through Device Manager. After clicking on "Scan for hardware changes", windows tried to add/recognize the hard disk (160 GB SATA) for a few seconds. After that the notification disappeared and the hard disk was not added in the device manager. I then remove the Logic Card / Circuit of the 160 GB hard disk and cleaned with white petrol. After cleaning, i dried the circuit with blower. After some time when the circuit was in normal temperature, i attached that one with that 160 GB hard disk. I again tried the said procedure and found that the hard disk was recognized by device manager of Windows XP but, the computer becomes extremely slow, just like it got stuck. I tried to see the status through disk management, but the disk was not found over there. I tried several data recovery software, but all in vain. Is it a problem of the circuit of the 160 GB hard disk or, something else ? If i replace the circuit with a new one from another good hard disk, will it work with the damaged hard disk?

Waiting for your valuable answer.

Thanks in advance,


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a c 104 G Storage
July 5, 2011 12:34:07 PM


It is hard to tell from your description which component of the HDD is failing. There are a bunch more components to the physical drive than just the PCB.

If you have tried a recovery program without success, might try the freezer method to cool the whole HDD way down, then with a recovery HDD and plan available, see if you can attach the cold HDD to a secondary port and if recognized, copy off your important data.

Its done by putting the HDD with a drying agent packet in a ziplock freezer bag (or double bag to prevent condensation) into the freezer from 2 hours to over night. Then taking it out of the bag and connecting it right away to your computer to see if it will at least function temporarily.

You didn't say if you saw any data with the data recovery applet, like Aeseus Data recovery Wizard, so it's more a physical component problem thans a partition or file system corruption problem
a c 104 G Storage
July 5, 2011 4:43:09 PM

deluxe5 said:
The tolerances for every modern hard drive are slightly different. Those tolerances live on the drive, or pcb.. more commonly both. Here's a video that explains why trying a swap is a bad idea:

If the data is important it's a simple choice -- send it off to a professional data recovery lab like Gillware, OnTrack or Drivesavers.

Thanks! Very nice UTube video to keep as a reference!