Phenom II 965 OC/Voltage limits?

Hello all,

Just a quick question. I've been tinkering around with my Phenom 965 and have managed to get it to run stable at 4.2GHz with a voltage of 1.5. I was just curious if this was safe? My Prime 95 temp maxes out around 50-51C. Could I up the voltage to see how far I can push this chip without causing harm? I know the max temp is around 62C, so is this a good idea?

Also, is a 1.5v core a good idea to run a 24/7 overclock?

I have a lot of case ventilation and a CM 212+ with push/pull fans on the chip. (Just an FYI)

Thanks a lot for any information that will help!
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  1. 1.5V is pretty good for the PII, you can push it higher than that but it's not recommended. I run my x6 1055T @ 1.5V @ 4.1 GHz 24/7 with "Cool n Quite" enabled. There's no difference between 4.2 and 4.5 specially in gaming maybe be a punsh of high scores with 3D mark, and no one reported a stable 4.5 GHz OCing with the phenom II with normal air cooling. So i can emphasize if you want to push it more than that you'll need extreme liquid cooling, and doesn't worth it IMO.
  2. What is the maximum voltage I can put on my chip without really causing damage? I'd like to see how high I can get with the overclock.
  3. 1.5V is okay for 4.2, as you go higher the frequency you higher the voltage. you can push your P II to 1.9V but the question is do you have the proper cooling to cool the CPU ? so i guess your maximum save OC is 1.5V for 4.2, 1.52-1.53V for 4.5 GHz OC.
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