Will my PSU be able to handle my system?

Here is my current build:

Case: cooler master haf 932
CPU: intel core i7 920
MOBO: evga x58 sli le
GPU: evga gtx 260 SC
HDD: WD caviar black 500gb
PSU: OCZ 700w fatal1ty series(56 amps on 12v single rail)
RAM: OCZ platinum ddr3 1600mhz (3x2gb)

I plan on OCing my system just a little, get a aftermarket cpu cooler and another gtx 260 SC, do you think my PSU will be able to hande it?

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  1. Yes, 700W should be plenty for that system in its current setup and OC'ed. If you try to add a 2nd gtx 260 though, that might get a little tight when OC'ed, but currently you should be fine I'd think as long as the PSU is in good working order.
  2. Yes it should be enough, well so long as you don't try stressing it by running furmark and Prim95 at the same time :D. You may want to invest in a better quality, more efficient, PSU though if you care about your power bill ^_^.
  3. megamanx00 said:
    You may want to invest in a more efficient, PSU though if you care about your power bill .

    You can't get too much more efficient
  4. should be more than enough for your setup
  5. Wow, that power supply looks like it did quite good in there tests. After seeing that, you should be fine I'd hope.
  6. so it should be able to run two gtx 260's, i dont plan on overclocking them even more as they are already overclocked to begin with
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