Is this RAM holding back higher OCs?

Patriot PVT33G1600ELK (This is my current RAM)
Link to my current RAM
I have two sets of these, totaling 6GB and I seem to always have trouble when OCing. As of right now I can only use the Dummy OC option to hit 3.2GHz Any time that I try to manually OC if I can get into Windows, RAM is always reduced 6GB(2.99 useable) I have gotten up to 4.99 useable before but I can not get it any better.

Sometimes the BIOS will read all 6GB but once in Windows it drops down. This happens as soon as I set base clock to 173, thats when the RAM starts to not show up I have been able to boot into windows with an OC up to 4.0GHz but the RAM just isn't showing.

I'm running the EVGA X58 SLI LE Board, with an Intel i7 920.
GeForce GTX 570
2 SSDs 120GB and 30GB
3HDD 2x 500GB in RAID0 1x 1TB
BluRay Optical drive

If it is my RAM that is holding me back, which out of the following two would be best?

Newegg item # G.SKILL Ripjaw series (copy paste item number into search box on

Newegg item # G.SKILL Sniper Series (copy paste item number into search box on

I hear the Ripjaws are better for OCing while the Snipers are better for just gaming and not OCing, but I trust you all here more than where I got that info from :)

If it is not my RAM, any ideas on what else I can try? I have a feeling it could have something to do with getting my voltages right.

Thanks in advanced all!
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  2. Are you trying to just overclock your cpu and keep the memory at the 1600MHz speed? When you up the BCLK to 173 that will bump the memory way up also. You probably have the xmp setting on to get the better timings so now you will need to lower the multplyer. What is the speed of your memory when you have 173 on the BCLK? If your trying to overclock your memory more then 1600 you will need to increase the dram voltage some to help keep up, maybe 1.68 or 1.7 since the normal 1600 requires 1.65v. Make sure you check the temps on the memory sticks. Once you get above the 1.65 they start to get warm due to the increased voltage. Hotter they run the shorter the life span. Normally, you should underclock your memory while overclocking your cpu. Once you get the cpu at the desired oc you can then start to work on the memory. I would leave the memory at the stock speed, 1333, while overclocking the cpu first.
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