23" Monitor, 1920x1080 wont work?

Hi, I have an ATI 4850 with 512mb, just picked up a new HP 23" widescreen 16:9 monitor with HDMI input. Using HDMI the desktop screen wont fit the 23" area... what gives?
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  1. What is the native resolution of that monitor?
  2. When its set to the max res. in windows 7 64 (it says recommended) 1920x1080 and its like 1.5inches of realestate around the monitor is unused.... strange
  3. Actually I am researching now and found someone with similar problem, they said to go into the ATI control panel and find Image Scaling???
  4. hm
    using it in DVI or VGA ?
    silly question but..questioning is the key to answering ;)
  5. HDMI adapter on the back of the 4850 that it came with. and HDMI cord to HDMI in on the back of the monitor.
  6. Yes, if there is an option to adjust the scaling then have a play.
  7. hmmm !

    u got any controls or anythin on ur monitor ?

    lg monitors come with auto optimization ... they adjust it automatically..

    if not...then try some controls (buttons) on ur monitor

    if that same problem persists(black frame) u can ask ur retailer ! u just bought it right ?
  8. Well, been messing around with the settings, only thing i can get to look good is 1680x1050 @60hz.... maybe this is the max the 4850 can do??
  9. No, the 4850 supports 19 x 10, check the monitors settings or get in touch with HP.
  10. Found it!! ATI catalyst contron center, in advanced mode (this is version 9.9), go to desktops and displays, you'll see a picture on the bottom left with a monitor, right click on it, hit configure, this changes the menu and SCALING is an option, go to scaling. By moving the cursor in there to 0% overscan, This fixed the problem!!! Thanks guys
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