Different memory speed in BIOS and CPU-Z

Hello all. I recently updated motherboard's BIOS and when I set the FSB/DRAM ratio to 1:1 in the BIOS, it shows the value as 333/667(ram)

When i go to windows and open CPU-Z it shows the ratio as 5:6 with a value of 333/400(ram) It also shows the same when I go to EVEREST and Fox ONE overclocking utility.

My specs are

Foxconn ELA 775
XFX 5770
4GB DDR2 800

Before I updated the BIOS it would do the opposite. Numbers would show higher in BIOS, but show correct value in CPU-Z. That's why I tried updating the BIOS. I'm at a loss.
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  1. Well, I'm not too sure what happened. I uninstalled CPU-Z and Fox ONE, restarted. checked the BIOS values and came back to windows and reinstalled CPU-Z. It's now showing the correct value of 1:1
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