4x1920x1200 how?


I'm making a new screen setup in my office. I want to have 4x24" with each of them having 1920x1200.
Atm I have 2x8800GT gfxs. Will that be able to run 4x1920x1200? Each 8800GT has a max resolution of 2560x1600 according to MSI.com.

Will my 2 gfx be able to run what I need? If not what do I need for it to happen?

Thank you

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  1. Come on someone, please help :)
  2. You could always just get two 5850's and use the Eyefinity technology to run a 7680x1200 Desktop.
  3. Yes but will my current gfx setup be able to run 4x1980x1200??? If not then I will be looking at ATI eyefinity tech. to setup a 3960x2400
  4. Just run 2 monitors off each in single gpu mode and not sli
  5. It can't hurt to try. You should be able to extend the desktop, but I don't use nvidia cards so I don't know how well it would work or not.
  6. thx chef. Would have tested myself, but somewhat difficult now that I only have one screen atm :)
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