Overclocking E8400

I have a problem overclocking my E8400 on a AUSU P5N-D

I tried to overclock it to 3.6Ghz at 1600Mhz (FBS) and it starts up fine, but it gets a bit hot so I decided to try for 1467Mhz so it will be at 3.3Ghz (10% OC). But whenever I set it at 1467 or 1500, my computer won't restart and boot up will fail. I have to either put it at the original 1333 or 1600. This doesn't make any sense to me.

Please help thanks!
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  1. Full specs please.
  2. Yes it will do this if not set right, and it will usually not start up until you have reset the bios jumper on the mobo.
    I actually run an E7200 OCed from 2.5GHZ up to 3.5GHZ its rock solid.
    But ONLY IF you set the VCORE high enough. This is VITAL.

    Do some research on what sort of Vcore voltage is used for your cpu on overclock. And check the maximum operating temperature for you cpu also so you have an idea of how far you can push it.
  3. but how come it works for 3.6Ghz?
  4. theendless said:
    but how come it works for 3.6Ghz?

    It could be due to the RAM speed at that setting.
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    ^+1 could be ram speed. Some motherboards have what is called "FSB Holes" where things become unstable at certain frequencies, it could be that.
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