Which card should I buy?

I'm sure this has been asked a million times but if you could find it in your heart not to hate me forever, that would be quite nice.
I'm planning to buy a new graphics card by the end of the year. I would rather not spend a lot of money, so I was thinking about getting either a 4850x2 or a 4870x2. Should i buy one of those or get a dx11 card? will i need dx11 anytime soon?
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  1. Like u dont need DX10 support now, u wont need dx11 soon...The more u wait the less u get...And why 2? That's not future proof investment...U'll change you GPU in less then 2 years. so buy a card that will satisfied current needs.
  2. I want two so i can run games better! all i have right now is a 4850
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