PC shuts down when entering OS

My PC is fine whilst in BIOS. I have left in in bios for 10+ minutes, to check temps, and no problems there. As soon as I go into the OS(windows xp) however, it shuts down. PSU appears to be fine as far as I can tell, and mobo too(I started up without ram and heard the repeated, long beep). So I am pretty much stumped. It is a fairly old E-machine computer. Any other info you may need, in helping me to solve my problem, I'm more than happy to provide.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. possibly try running a repair install of XP. I would run memtest 86 and test the ram.
  2. I dont have the original xp disk. Is there anything I can do? Ram has been tested and is fine.
  3. can you obtain a copy of the original software from the manufacturer? usually it is available for a minimal charge.
  4. Ok this ha been solved now. I figured out that it was a failing PSU. Replaced it, and no problems since. FIngers crossed. Thanks for your efforts anyways.
  5. your welcome
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