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Recently, within the past three days or so, when I left click on something, it doesn't work. This can be resolved by right clicking on a blank spot in the program I am running. This has happened in Windows Explorer, Lord of the Rings Online, or even on the desktop. I have tried two different mice, re-installed the drivers for both, updated the video drivers.....everything I could think of short of using a restore point. The only software change has been the latest Windows updates. I am running Win7 Home Premium on a laptop. The two mice I have tried have been a MS mouse and a Logitech one. Any help would be appreciated, and if any more hardware info is needed, let me know.
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  1. Hi there,

    Did u run virus scan? - Go to and run #1 and #2 and let us know whats happening.
  2. At work, we had a funny issue similar to this. A new was pushed out, that program caused issues on many computers where mouse clicking would not work, be random when it did work, or would not work if the mouse buttons were reversed (like for a left-handed user). I'd try a restore point to undo anything that a new setup may have caused, even the updates.
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