Motherboard & RAM Choice for Core i7 920

Hi Guys,

Hope you can give me a hand in updating my rig, I've not been following the hardware market for a good 2/3 years so I'm pretty much lost when it comes down to choosing the right motherboard and RAM. So I'd rather ask you guys first before buying something completely wrong :D

I have currently decided that my future CPU will be a Core i7 920 with the necessity to overclock (nothing too exmtreme ;) ).

- For the RAM I was looking at 6/8 GB DDR3-1600 with a budget of around €200,00 (if less even better).
- For the MOBO I'm pretty much clueless, was thinking either going for ASUS/MSI/Gigabyte obviously socket LGA 1336, but I'm pretty much open to anything really ... only prerequisite would be an easy OC capability. Price range always on €200,00.

Thanks in advance. :wahoo:

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