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Has anyone ever removed the blue cover from the North bridge heat sink on this or similar chip sets? I have read that doing so may improve cooling of the north bridge chip if you have a fan mounted over it. I don't know if this is true or not or, if it does, why Gigabyte would have put the cover on there in the first place. The manual mentions that overheating may result if you don't have a NB fan. I know that in my Silverstone GD04 HTPC case it does get up to 65 degrees in a matter of a few minutes under Prime95 with the stock cooler and no fan on the NB. I am now using an Antec spot cooling fan as well as a Scythe Big Shuriken which helps cooling somewhat (3-5 degrees), but it's still quite warm (approaches 65C after a couple of hours on Prime95.) I have ordered a 20mm fan which has greater airflow than the 12mm on the Shuriken but have not picked it up as yet. I have tried prying off that cover but when I apply pressure the heat sink itself seems to be trying to come loose from the motherboard. I would like to be able to remove this cover and replace it if necessary for warranty, but I don't know if that is possible or if it would make much difference.
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  1. I have yanked the 'junk covers' off my heatpipe assembly (DS5), & popped on small fans (30 & 40mm) for the bridges - but whether this will work for you depends upon the design if the underlying sink. Mine were simply finned under the plates, and worked better off - but I've seen some MOBO designs pictured where it would appear to make no difference to pull 'em, as there was no place beneath for air to flow, anyway! They were easy to pry loose (can't remember if they were just 'tabbed' into place, or glued, besides) but I knew that was the end of my waranteed MOBO!
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