Hello everybody. My specs are windows xp service pack 3 pro, Intel core 2 duo 2.8 GHz processor, 600 watt power supply, 3 gb ram, hdd 100 gb or maybe less than that. I don’t know exactly its cache though but I know it is old and slow. My graphic card is the nvidia geforce 9500 gt 512 mb ddr 2; as you can see my specs are not that good but they’re not bad either. They should probably, in my opinion, run the latest games such as the new batman arkaham asylum game and the street fighter 4 game in medium or low settings.

Listen to this, yesterday I download street fighter benchmark installed it and then started it; you can adjust the settings from the start menu but I didn’t do that. All the settings were at default. I started the game itself and guess what happens? Of course it’s a benchmark so you can’t play but when the characters appear at first (ryo and that kongfu girl). It loads very slowly after the fighting itself was like 8 fps max so that was pretty damn crappy and a slap from destiny. It ran like *** even when I lowered all the settings; it was like 13 fps max which is no good.

So now after I updated my whole computer. I actually build a new computer except for the hard drive which is the same. At first I have crappy everything: Pentium 4 3.40 GHz, Intel mother board, old model 200 watt power supply built in, 96 mb Intel graphic card, 1 gb of ddr 1 ram. It was pretty at first don’t you think? But now after I got rid of the old parts and build a new computer with new parts (not the newest but very good for performance) I still can’t run my fantasy games (street fighter 4) that I wanted to play for so long. Now that I have my new specs I still can’t play them and seriously I don’t know why. I should now have at least the recommended settings to play those games and I don’t know what went wrong.

Is the graphic card an issue? The recommended graphics card is the 8600 gt and I have the 9500 gt which is supposed to better and faster. Or maybe it’s a Windows issue. Which is recommended for me, XP or vista? I heard xp is better and faster so I don’t know what is wrong. I can’t figure it out. If you figure it out please help and leave replies. I would appreciate it, thanks for reading.
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  1. fyi the 8600 gt is bit better then a 9500gt for gaming
  2. If the case isn't low profile get any thing that is faster than a 9800gt like a 4850 or along those lines.
  3. lol 8600gt is better than a 9500gt..

    still seems enuf for those games...

    ahh try the game instead of benchmark :P

    and post back !

    fyi i own a XFX 8600GT @ 620 and it plays em like a charm !
  4. guys guys why u all keep sayin that an 8600 gt is better than a 9500 gt ,in the specs a 9500 gt is suppose to be better am lookin for somethin better than the 8600 and also better than my 9500 gt,post back.
  5. it was nvidia being clever and just renaming 9xxx parts from the 8xx series,so in actual fact your 9500gt is a renamed 8500gt,whats your price range for a new garphics card
  6. You are just wasting your time with those low end cards and performance for the dollar is poor so look for at least 9600gt or a 4670. 9500gt is for noobs and for those who need any thing better than an IGP for office, web browsing, and HD content.
  7. *** ing learn how to type a normal question you douchebag
  8. @Ehsan W: That was not needed.

    First post edited to be readable by humans.
  9. like 600 ,btw is the 9800 gt any good maybe its like the 8800 gt is that good too
  10. Oh u mean humans ,alright i can do that but no cats allowed
  11. the 9800gt is a renamed 8800gt
  12. so its good right it can manage the latest pc games like street fighter 4 right or what ???
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