Funny varying cpu temps each time i turn the computer on

I don't know what to say really, i'm using hardware monitor, and also occt, speedfan are giving me the same temperature readings. My cpu should and do not question me be at 38 degrees celcius idle and my graphics card about 41 idle. I have a phenom ii 720 x3 processor and i have a GTS 250 graphics card with an nforce motherboard. In the past my computer used to read 38 degrees idle all the time when i turned on the computer and had it running for some time. I don't know what has happened for it now to show 48 degrees idle on hardware monitor and the other monitoring software. The cpu is definately not 50 degrees idle, i have stuck my hands on the cpu cooler because i was that sure that it wasn't at that temperature and the metal even closest to the cpu cooler was cold. The air also being blown towards the back is cold. There must be somethnig wrong with temperature measurements. Also, when i restart the computer, after the first time i've turned it on, it then shows the correct temperature - 38 degrees idle. I have installed the thermal compound very well on the processor making sure that it reaches all parts of the processor and i have a reasonable cooler - zalman 9500 nt seeing how i only have a 3 core processor and am not an overvolter. I have tried reinstalling nvidia motherboard drivers. Used driversweeper as well from guru3d. The voltages are set constantly to 1.35 volts for cpu. Also there seems to be another problem; i can't get cool and quiet to work, i disable manual overclocking and make sure everything else is set to default, but when i load the computer up with cool and quiet i get a brown screen. I disable load profile in nvidia control panel so that it doesn't quickly revert to my original overclock settings.
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  1. Does it give you the same thing in the bios temperature monitor section?
    Strange you should describe your heatsink and the air being blown as cold, since that seems to indicate that it is colder than ambiant temperatures. Which of course is impossible. Are you sure your computer is on when you did this?
    The second thing you mention is cool and quiet. Perhaps because cool and quiet is no longer on, it is contributing to this increase in temperature. A brown screen is very strange. I have never seen this before. What operating system are you using?

    System specs please?
  2. no cool and quiet is not on. And also no i'm not an imbecile or mentally defective (this language is very appropriate) the computer was on when i had my hand on the cpu cooler, the cpu cooler was slightly warm, but when i say cold i mean that it didn't feel like it was 50 degrees minimum. Comparing it to when hardware monitor said 38 degrees minimum the temperatures felt the same in heat intensity; there must be wrong with cpu temeprature heat measurement. I hope this does not put you off trying to answer my question just because i have shown you that i am more rational than how you have percieved me to be. Please don't try to state the obvious, if i am fairly advanced with computers please do not take it for granted that i am computer illiterate. Cool and quiet does not seem to work when i disable all the other overclocking functions etc so that they don't interfere with the cool and quiet business, i enable it in bios but when i turn the computer on in the loading just before it gets into windows user account a brown screen appears. Shall i talk about the very very precise detail of the processor such as where i have bought it from, where i have stuck on the motherboard, does it allow electrical current to pass through despite i have been able to turn the computer on and log into windows, how many pins does the processor have, what material is the processor made out of; this rubbish isn't relevant

    I have windows vista 64 bit home premium. I have mentioned my specs already apart from 4gb corsair ddr2 ram and xfx 8300 motherboard. I have a thermaltake toughpower 600watts psu, firstly from this you can imply that i am not stupid at buying computer components; i don't stick a £5 psu for a graphics card that uses 150 watts and a cpu that uses 95 watts.
  3. also how can the computer be off if i'm using speedfan and hdmonitor and occt which are all in windows computer programs. The way i have approached your response is totally acceptable. It is dehumanising for a person to ask a very detailed and thorough question which has taken time and effort to be produced, at the same time waiting for a long time expecting a satisfactory reponse. When recieving the response finding out that the answer has been asking for the same information already been given out lol, and asking for things that are completely out of track from the information given.
  4. ok... If you go into a random rant complaining about my attempt to help you again, I'll just stop helping you. Have some patience. I have no idea who you are or what you know or what you've already tried except what you said.

    Sorry, I guess all your system specs are there. A summary would have been easier to understand though.

    Anyway, like I said, check the temperatures in the bios to see if they are the same. If they aren't then both software programs are wrong or something changes when you log into the operating system.

    You still haven't said if cool and quiet has always been disabled or if it was enabled before but now won't let you enable it?

    I don't know of any problems with that specific motherboard.
  5. ok lol i admit i went over the top. Thank you for not feeling too upset about it. Cool and quiet is off all the time when the cpu temps are like that. When i read the cpu temps in the Bios it says 42 degrees. When i log into windws it says that, but it gradually starts to rise to 45 degrees to 48 degrees. When i restart the computer it shows 38 degrees (this is celcuis lol not faranheight) i thought you were taking the piss saying your temps are lower than ambient, my room is not not 50 degrees celcius it is always around 20 degrees and anyway there hhave been times where my ambient has gone from 18 to 21 degrees but my cpu temp still stays at 38 degrees.
  6. Really the only thing I can think of is a program that wasn't there before utilizing a lot of CPU but if the CPU usage in taskmanager hasn't gone up, this makes no sense. Sorry I can't help any more than that.
  7. if i were to reinstal my computer again do you think that would have any effect. Do windows instalation files actually effect the temperature behaviour of the cpu. As i said it's not making the cpu hotter,there may be corrupt files. I also tried resetting the CMOS. Should i try that again?
  8. I don't see why windows would do that. Reinstall as a final solution if you are prepared to and see if it makes a difference. But I don't see why it would. I was thinking more along the lines of spyware or something running in the background.
    Sorry to double check but just want to make sure when you reset the cmos you also unplugged the computer aswell as taking out the battery. If you did it once, doing it again wouldn't make a difference that I can see.
  9. ok thanks for attempting to find solutions for me. i don't think it should matter too much. It's a good job i got a 3 core (temperature limit 73 degrees) as opposed to a 4 core (temperature limit 62 degrees amd website proof). If incase myc cpu went anywhere near 60 degrees, if it genuinly was eventhough i duobt it.
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