PSU With Video card will it even work?

I noticed the powersupply on only has 1 6 pin connector. WILL the video card even boot with 2x6pin Inotice theres connectiors, but will this power supply even boot the video card? The case, with the psu have already been bought
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    Generally the power supplies that come with low cost cases should not be trusted. I noticed in the pics that that PSU claims to be able to put out 22 amps. If it can handle at 4870, it's gonna be close. That said, if it were my rig, I'd either look at a different card, or upgrade the power supply, but I would not run that card with the power supply in question.

    But if you try to run it, and the power supply goes out on you, those cheaper ones are more dangerous because it could fry your entire rig if it goes. But you should be reasonably safe running a low power card like a 4670 on it.
  2. ^ +1 A HD 4870 on that PSU is very risky...
    But you can run HD 4850/ 4770 with that PSU...
  3. gkay09 said:
    ^ +1 A HD 4870 on that PSU is very risky...
    But you can run HD 4850/ 4770 with that PSU...

    Not worried about burning out the psu, I do plan on getting a new one in the verynear future. Had fear because of the pins.

    Thank you.
  4. not sure how that would ruin the whole computer. Wouldnt it need some short of surge of power to ruin the motherboard and rig? Isnt that what a fuse is for so the surge of power never makes it? guess im not under standing how the charge would jump?
  5. ^ I have seen people burning their mobos and graphic cards because of a bad PSU...
    A fuse is for handling the external power surge...not from the internal components that draw power from the PSU...
  6. I have ordered a new powersupply, but you guys are saying, it would be risky to have this computer running on this psu till i get the replacement?
  7. Nice choice.
  8. Yup, I've actually had a case I think where I had a cheapo power supply possibly take out a mobo back in the day. Had it running for about a month, all of a sudden the mobo stopped recognizing IDE ports.
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