4870 crossfire with 4890

Is probably a super stupid question but i have heard that under win7 there is a possible hybrid crossfire situation of one 4870 and a 4890 possible???

Please advise.
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  1. You can crossfire any 48xx with any other 48xx, so 4850 can crossfire with 4890 or 4870. The caveat is that the faster card will slow down to match the performance of the slower card. So a 4890 crossfired with a 4870 will run like two 4870s crossfired.
  2. Indeed. In terms of buying, to get the best price/performance: If you have a 4890, then if you want to do crossfire buy another 4890. No point buying a card that will slow down your current card right? 4890s aren't that expensive now either. If you already have a 4870, buy another one. Don't buy a card that won't be able to run as fast as it can imo.
  3. Thanks a lot and very helpful indeed. and i assume it doesnt matter what 4890? Powercolour, ATI, ect..)?
  4. Brand isn't that important. I like the Sapphire Vapor-X version personally. If you bought XFX it would have lifetime warranty though, which is nice.
  5. I do have a powercolour 4890. First i had a E5300 CPU and since i put in a q6600 my GPU score on Vantage has almost risen another 1000 points. I just wonder if i do get another 4890 does the CPU slow down the 2 GPU's or is it fast enough to use their full potential?

    Thanks as usual. :D

  6. A Q6600 should still be bottle-necking the 4890. From my experience, a Q9550 is the closest you can get to matching the Radeon 4890 in performance when it comes to 3dMark benchmarking.

    If I were you, I would play around a little with overclocking first (ONLY if you are comfortable with overclocking).

    If you are comfortable, OC the video card a small amount and see how much the performance increase is.

    Set the video card back to default settings then OC the CPU next. Run 3dMark again and look to see the performance increase.

    If the video card OC improved the 3dMark score more, then a second video card would do you good. If it was the other way around, plan on overclocking your CPU quite a bit if you still plan on running x-Fire.
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