Overclock E8400. Doing it right?

I know it's an old chip but i need help. Need a lot of voltage for 3.8 Ghz stable OC. Thoughts?

Motherboard: MSI p35-neo2.
RAM: 2x2gb, DDR2 PC2-6400. 5-5-5-18, CL5. 1.8 V
PSU: Corsair 520w

E8400 overclock:
- 3.825 Ghz
- Vcore: 1.3625
- NB: 1.300v (up from 1.250, dunno if it's necessary)
- Vram: 2.00, 1:1
max 55 degrees.
= With a Vcore of 1.3625 i was stable for 1h and 44min in prime95 then one core failed and the other one kept on going for another hour..

Prior overclock:
- 3.600 Ghz
- Vcore: 1.3000
- NB: 1.275
- Vram: 1.85, 1:1
max 51 degrees.
= Ran stable for an hour, then i cancelled the test (could be stable for ?? hours).

For starters i think 1.3625v is a lot for a mere 3.825 Ghz overclock. I think it's my RAM that's the problem but i'm sort of lost.
Currently i'm trying the last overclock with 1.375v instead of 1.3625v. It might prove stable but am i too high on the voltage? I'm hitting 59 degrees. Don't want to go above 60.

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  1. That voltage is way too high, that cpu must be near death with that voltage. set everything back to default then try overclocking again with the ram speeds set lower and remember to do it slowly and not go up in massive steps. I don't ever recommend putting the voltage higher than 1.6v on the cpu.
  2. holy mother of... how? That's impossible, no motherboard will let you push 3v+ on vCore, that makes no sense. That's a typo right? You meant 1.6v+?? Even then it's way WAY too high.

    My E8400 has been running for 3 years @ 3.6GHz on a TINY bump in voltage over stock (I'm at work, so can't remember) but I think I'm at 1.18v?
  3. I hope that vcore is a typo. If not, I'm surprised you haven't melted your chip and board.
  4. Sry, clicked the wrong button.... :/
  5. Hah! oh dear! Sry. There's supposed to be a 1. in front! So it's 1.3625 and 1.3000. Sorry.. jeez, it's corrected now! Wopsy :D
  6. Sry, clicked the wrong button.... :/
  7. if thats the case then your voltage is fine. Its just your cooling that is lacking, you should get a better heatsink like one of corsairs or a noctua cpu cooler.
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