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Hi all,

I need some advice, and suggestions for external hard drives. I know very little about them, but have been planning to get one for my friend.

Some months ago, we bought internal Seagate SATA Barracuda 7200.11 320 GB hard drive. But, it developed problems, and we replaced it once. Now, its again having problems, and needs to be replaced again. I searched on Google, and read that many people were having complaints about this model of the Seagate hard drive.

My friend has to work with lots of videos and images because of his profession, and so we need a large sturdy drive. We are thinking of getting an external hard drive, 500 GB, or more. I want to know which brands would be the best, and would be reliable, and would not fail, and can take heavy storage and work. Not concerned about price at the moment, just good brands, and quality, reliability, and performance.

Also, I saw that external hard drives are available in different sizes, like 2 inch, 3 inch etc... what are these for? Which one should we go for? Its main use is for desktop purpose, and will be connected to the computer mostly.

Will external hard drive be better, or should we go for another internal hard drive.
If we should go for another internal hard drive, which brand will be good? Haven't had good experience with Seagate lately :( .

Also, the OS is Win XP SP2. So, how much is the maximum capacity that it can handle? There is already 250 GB and 320 GB SATA drives connected to it.

PSU : 450 W

Thanks in advance :)
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    Since that PC doesn't have an eSATA port, the external hard disk would be connected via USB 2.0 which is rather slow. If speed is somewhat important, I would install an internal Western Digital Black. Windows XP can handle a 2 TB drive (as long as the PC also supports it).
  2. Thanks for the reply. Yea, you are correct. I realized that operations on the external hard drive would be quite slow via the USB port.

    Thanks for the suggestion :).

    About Win XP handling upto 2 TB... is it for an individual drive, or all drives combined?
  3. Quote:
    About Win XP handling upto 2 TB... is it for an individual drive, or all drives combined?
    Each drive can be up to 2 TB. However, you need to make sure that the system can support them. What motherboard is installed?
  4. The MB is Asus P5GC-MX
  5. It should support up to 2 TB hard disks.
  6. Thanks for the information GhislainG, much appreciated :).
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  8. I have some more things to ask, since I have now decided to go for a 1TB internal SATA drive. This is in continuance with the thread. However, if I should have posted this as a new thread, then sorry in advance :??: .

    I went to inquire about the hard drives today. Seagate and WD are the ones available.

    As I am interested in WD, I inquired about it. The one they showed me was WD Caviar Green 1TB drive, with 64 MB cache(model WD10EARS).

    Price difference between 500 GB, and 1 TB is not much, so I am thinking of going with 1 TB drive.

    I did not pay much attention to the color green at that time, and I did not ask if any more models were available, as I thought he must be showing what's available, and whats best.

    However, when I came and looked on the internet for the drives, I now see that there are 3 models in Caviar... green, blue, and black.

    I read a bit, and came to know that green uses less power, is less noisy, and efficient, but, its only 5400 RPM. The blue and black ones are having 7200 RPM. But, black one is noisy, and uses more power.

    On the forums(here too), and some reviews that I read, they suggest that Caviar Green should be used for storage and backup etc, but otherwise its a good drive.

    My friend needs to do a lot of video editing and photo editing work. Will Caviar Green do?

    Also, I inquired again, and came to know that Caviar Blue is not available, and Caviar Black is quite costly :( .

    So, we might have to go for Caviar Green, or Seagate 1 TB. Which one will you recommend using?
  9. Reading this review may help:

    The Black is more expensive because of its longer warranty and better performance.
  10. Thanks again GhislainG. I might go for the Caviar Green drive.
  11. If price is a concern, you should also look into the Caviar Blue.
  12. Caviar Blue is not available unfortunately. Only Green and Black.
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