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I'm having an issue I have 8g of RAM and its stuck at 1333 when its rated 1600, its Corsair xms3 ddr3 1600. I have tried to use xmp profile but off caused bsod. It has been stated on that this RAM can go to 2000 oc'd.. help? I am trying to learn to overclock and jump into the water.. if I need to oc it I am willing to learn. I have an Asus p6t se mobo
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  1. What exactly, (Brand, model#) do you have for ram? Make sure your uncore clock ratio is set to 3200 when your speed is set to 1600 and make sure your dram voltage goes to 1.65/1.66v. What is the code you get when you BSOD?
  2. is the ram I bought, I got 8 total... dram voltage with xms OFF is the proper voltage, im not aware if it changes when i put the profile on. as for the BSOD code Im not sure, i'd have to set it on, its been a few weeks.
  3. Your Newegg link is broken. Post the Corsair part number for your memory kit. Also, did you buy 1 kit or mix 2 kits?
  4. Mixed but same model. I'll get the link once home
  5. So your saying this "CMX4GX3M2A1600C9" is the model number for all 4 sticks? And you bought 2 of these kits right? Have you tried it with just 1 kit and see if it works that way? And did you check the uncore clock ratio and dram voltage like I suggested earlier? These two things are a must. You might even need to take the voltage up to 1.66 or 1.68 just to check. If that doesn't work try 1 stick in the correct slot and switch them out 1 at a time to see if maybe you got a bad stick or two. It happens sometimes. Your link worked for me.
    As for the 2000 MHz??? I doubt that you'll get them to run at that speed. It will take a lot of voltage and much looser timings to even get close.
  6. thats exactly what they are and I bought two. I havent tried one kit, I tried adjusting the uncore clock and voltage, no BSOD, but I freeze I tried kicking it up voltage to 1.68 and uncore up to 5000, nothing... Im not sure but the settings showed this

    cpu ratio auto
    intel speed step enabled
    intel turbo enabled
    blck frequency 133
    pcie 100
    dram ddr3 1600
    uclk auto (tried 3200 and up to 5000)
    qpi auto
    dram bus voltage 1.66 it wont go to 1.65 it refuses to.
  7. Try putting the uclk in auto - xmp setting - dram v to 1.68, then, if that don't work try 1.7v. As a pair those kits should work. Try them first in pairs - 1 pair then the other and if that don't work 1 stick at a time. However, I've done a search on both the asus site and the corsair site and neither one of them show that memory as being compatible. If it were me I would rma them for something on one of those lists. They are not by all means the only memory that will work but they give you the best guideline for "plug and play" installation since the memorys listed have been tested on your version of board and are guaranteed to work at the rated speeds.
  8. since im not home I am not able to test this the uclk in auto with the dram v higher... but I was looking up ram to see the compatiable, I thought my mobo is dual channel, but anyway.. A lot of the ram that is suggested as compatiable is really either sold out, discontinued or very pricey... suggestions there... I do plan to work with my ram.. it reads all 8g, it just refuses to go to that magic 1600. (will do as suggested tomorrow)
  9. side note - on the website of the mobo it states Supports four (4) modules inserted into the orange slots (A1, B1 and C1) and the black slot A2 as one set of Triple-channel memory configuration....

    I dont know if it makes a difference but I have the 4 ram sticks all next to each other as in a1 a2 b1 b2. as in slots 1 2 3 4
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    It makes a big difference what slots you put the memory in. There is a reason the mobo comes with a manual. If you don't populate the correct slots it will NEVER work correctly. That is most likely the biggest problem. Put them in the recommended slots and just use the xmp setting, It might work out just by putting them where they belong. Try that before anything else.
  11. Yeah, I set it agian to XMP but it froze, I then manually entered 1600 dram frequency, but then set the uclk to auto and it seems that its stable, on CPU-Z it states:

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  12. Looks like you got it. Did you put the sticks in the correct slots?
  13. heh, embarassing but yes. yes that fixed it.
  14. Yeah, only took us a week too lol
  15. well thanks man.. appreciated
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  17. No problem. Enjoy, and thanks for the "best answer"
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