Upgrade or build new

I am trying to decide if it is time to build a new rig or upgrade.
I currently have:
xfx 780i
2x2gb corsair 6400
annatec 850w
8800gt in sli

Even if i do not build a new rig i need a new case, this computer is loud, so a case that is known to be quiet is a must. I am not a very good overclocker and pretty much gave up getting my q6600 over 3ghz. So basically i want a cpu that is either easy to oc or is just fast enough already. I have a 24" dell super sharp or whatever monitor and i game at 1680X1050. I would like to be able to play games like fallout 3 at very high settings with full aa and whatever other settings there are.

I do watch movies on my tv, right now i have to do dvi to agp to hook up to the tv. the tv is 1080p.

I would also like to know what i can do to keep the pc quiet, right now i can not leave my computer running and sleep....like if i want to download something overnight. It seems that my nb fan is the loudest part of my pc...at idle i guess. Is this normal?

I do want whatever i do to last me through the next 2 years and be easily upgradeable, like when the new dx11 cards come out i can be confident that the cpu and rest of the computer wont be a terrible bottleneck.

I could see spending around 1500 but dont want overkill either
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  1. well an upgrade would be cheaper but i'd suggest get an i5 750 with an sli mobo and some ddr3 the haf922 cases aren't very quiet but much quieter then your current case
  2. well, getting an i5 would more like building a new rig...

    Actually, I think the only component you'll be able to reuse is the PSU even for an upgrade, as there's not much room to upgrade for the 755 socket. You will be able to keep your RAMs you're getting an AM2+ CPU, but with the budget you have, you might as well get an i5 or an i7 rig.
  3. I just picked up a HAF922 case on sale, and I'd say that it's quiet enough, though quiet really is relative. I was upgrading from a 4 year old Armor Jr. case that had gummed up fans, so I think the HAF922 is as quiet as a mouse by comparison.
  4. well sounds like i need to piece a new rig together
    Thanks for the advice
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