Would an AMD Phenom II X4 bottleneck

two 5870's in crossfire? Just wondering as I was thinking when I do my personal build, I would buy one 5870 and a phenom II X3 720 with the extra core unlocked and then buy another 5870 down the road. I just don't want to have the CPU bottleneck the GPU's and then I'd have to buy an i7. Should I just get an i7 in the first place if I can find one cheap enough? Anything is appreciated.
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  1. First off, the fourth core is disabled for a reason... It has high chances of failure if you try to unlock it. So i guess if you want a quad-core you are better of buying a certified quad. But whats good is that the 720 is a good overclocker and it is a black edition. So if you overclock it to, say, 3.6~3.7Ghz it'll perform as good as a quad-core
  2. Yes I realize this. But I got my brother a 720 for his build and unlocked the core. It's been running fine for about 2 months now. Or are we talking over a long period time?
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