GeForce 9500 GT with PCI Express revision 1.0

Hello everybody!

I have a motherboard Intel DG41TY, it is a classic series Intel board, and here is its link:

I want to add a VGA to this board (it has integrated graphics but I do not want to use it). The graphic card that I want to add is GeForce 9500 GT and here is its link:

The motherboard PCI Express revision is 1.0 (which is older than the last revision which is 2.0, although the board was released by Intel less than 1 year ago). The revision 2.0 can afford double the speed that 1.0 can afford, and here is a link for more information:

The graphic card GeForce 9500 GT is compatible with both PCI Express revisions, the old one and the newer.

Regarding my question, will my VGA performance be affected, so if it was installed on a board with a PCI Express revision 2.0, the VGA performance will be better? In another words, does the GeForce 9500 GT needs that extra speed?
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  1. No, the VGA performance will be totally unaffected, even a 5850 did not show an effect with 8x vs 16x on PCI-E 2.0, PCI-E 2.0 8x connectors offer the same bandwidth as PCI-E 1.0 16x connections, your card wont be affected by it at all, especially since the 9500GT isnt all that powerful, however if you are shooting for a low power solution and dont intend to play games a 4650 from ATI will do great for you and doesnt produce a significant amount of heat.
  2. If your power supply can handle it, this is a nice card for the money:
  3. hunter315, I need the VGA mainly for: Watching movies (DVDs in the mean time, and in the coming months I may Install a Blu-Ray Driver), Watching Some TV (I have a PCI TV Tuner), Images previewing, and from time to time I may do some home video editing and authoring. I do not think that I will use this PC for gaming.

    runswindows95, the GeForce 9500 GT is 68$ in the store next to my home, and I think that the price of the card in your link will be not very much far than that if I wanted to buy it from the same store (few dollars), and my power supply is 420 watt (Motherboard + 1 Hard Drive + 1 DVD-RW Drive + PCI TV Tuner + 12 mm Rear Fan + 8 mm Front Fan + the Graphic Card that I want to install).
  4. And regarding my first post, any more answers are very welcome!
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