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Hey guys sorry for noob question. I recently built a new pc and i decided to make a window for it and cut a hole in one of the case side panels. I don't know whether i have used the correct material for a window. I've used plastic glass to cover the panel hole with adhesive tape. It's the same stuff used for clip frames and i'm wondering whether that is safe for my components?

So far everything seems ok but is this safe? Any advice would be great, thanks.
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  1. for your plastic window, you're probably using Lexan which is fine. I'd be worried about the adhesive tape since your window material has some weight to it. Heat from your computer, and time will make adhesives come loose, and cause you to fix the window. Other than that, there isn't much of a safety issue. I would rather drill some holes and use 8-10 screws and nuts to hold the window in place.
  2. The plastic i've used is really thin stuff used for a normal clip frame style. The adhesive tape seems really strong, i think i would have a job getting it off if i had to remove it. So you think the material is ok for the window, in terms of static etc?
  3. You'll probably be OK. As mentioned over time the adhesive tape might become an issue. Check it now and again - more so if it shows signs of failure. If you feel its secure you could wait to add screws until you see a problem developing.

    here is a tech article on how someone else made a side window: Plexiglass-Case-Window-Mod
  4. clear silicone sealent works wonders
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