Is this memory compatible?

I have 2gb of ddr3 1333 cas 8 ram in my system: Win 7 Pro, Athlon II x2 245 @ 3.6ghz
My ram is something I bought at a local store, otherwise I never would have payed the ripoff $60 price for a crappy piece of ram (back when ram was cheap in October).
I think the ram I have is Elixr:
I am wondering if this ram is compatible with it:
If it's not compabitle, could you suggest any that would be? I really want to have 4gb for games, but I don't want to have to spend $100 on a whole new 4gb set. I prefer Newegg links.
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  1. Nanya RAM isn't crappy. Unless you have problems with it, why not buy the same RAM for full compatibility?
  2. I'm not buying the same ram because:
    a. I'm not paying $60 for 2gb when I can get 4gb of better ram for like $90 on newegg.
    b. I think the store where I bought it isn't selling it anymore (I think it's all supertalent now)
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