How do I take off windows 7 an install windows 2000 professional

please tell me how to uninsatall my windows 7 program and then install my windows 2000 program
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  1. Upon inserting the Win 2000 install disc, you will have to do a complete format of the existing drive and OS, and then do clean install of Win2000 to the now bare drive. You will lose ALL INFORMATION on the drive, EVERYTHING, when you do this, so be sure to back up any data you do not want to lose.
  2. Well, you'll need to set your computer to boot from the CD first, then put your Win2K CD in and run it (If you have any important files on the drive back them up before you install 2k). Then, run through the Windows 2000 setup and there you go, it's installed. You do know Windows 2000 is old and no longer supported by Microsoft, right? I repeat, back up files of any importance to you before you go and install 2000.
  3. Why would you want such an outdated OS?
  4. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    Why would you want such an outdated OS?

    Yeah, that kinda throws me off, especially the fact that he's putting 2k on a computer that can run 7 atleast fairly decect (I would assume). Oh well, that's none of my business :D
  5. If you have a program which require window 2000 to run, I suggest you install window 2000 in window 7 virtual PC or from virtualbox.
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