I need help with motherboard cpu support

my gf has the MSI K9N6SGM-V motherboard and i saw that new was selling it with an athlonII cpu. i was just wondering which ones, if any, that it supports
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  1. http://www.msi.com/index.php?func=prodcpu2&prod_no=1086&maincat_no=1
    CPU support list there, as far as my knowledge goes, it wont be able to run at athlon II CPU
  2. ok so if it only offers the 64 x2 cpus then would it be worth it to upgrade from a x2 4200 to a x2 5600. i just really dont wanna shell out the money 4 board and ram if i dont need to
  3. Nah not really worth it.. what the full specs of your system and what you using it for?
  4. its vista hp 64 bit, x2 4200 4 gigs ddr2 and a bfg 8800gt oc, i built if for her for playing games but it was def a budget build. its handled most games she likes to play. shes currently been playing bioshock 2 to on high no aa. i just thought 700 mhz would show some kind of noticable difference when it comes to framerate, also resolution is 1280 x 1024
  5. even if it's only to keep her pc hangin on for another year, giving me some time to really get an upgrade
  6. Your better off OCing the 4200 to 2.5ghz or so, then upgrading the CPU, will save you a bit of cash for similar results
  7. the boards bios do not allow overclocking, and if they do i have no idea how to make that happen. it all seems locked.
  8. You built it yourself and has locked bios thats odd... press delete a few times after u power it up and should bring you to a most likely blue screen with a bit of text, look through here and see if theres anything like tweaking or overclocking on it
  9. i understand how overclocking works, but in the bios screen where one would usually be able to change multipliers and what not, its all grey.
  10. Youll have to change some stuff from auto to manual probably and also change the bus speed
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