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After a few "freeze" problems I have scanned my laptop's HDD with HDD Regenerator, and it found and fixed 3 bad sectors(it did not). Since the problem did not went away(the "freeze times were a little shorter, that's true) I tried it once again. Surprise! On the second scan there's 5 bads. And again it claims that it fixed them(not really). So on the third scan it's now showing 6 bad sectors. Probably HDD Regenerator was a big mistake or a very poor choise. It is actually makes it worse. Any opinions about this please? Anybody? Much appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. Sometimes the surface of a disc is failing, and there is nothing you can do to repair it. How old is the drive?
  2. The laptop is about 5 month old, but I've heard that bad sectors are not necessarily covered by warranty. I mean the laptop works. It just "freezes" from time to time and I have to wait for it to respond. No parts were changed, so it's the whole thing as it came from manufacurer. Thanks for your reply. Still waiting for any other opinions that could help.
  3. contact the company that made the laptop and see if they will replace it. if their hard drive is bad and it is still under warranty they will most likely replace it
  4. Once a hard drive starts failing it will continually discover new bad sectors. It seems to me that cascading bad sectors are only made worse by a check disk. Best to just back up your data now.

    The freezes may or may not be related to the failing hard drive. Freezes are sometimes indicative of a heat problem which in turn could have been what prompted your HDD to start failing.
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