What blu-ray drive should I get?

I have been looking to get a new Blu-Ray Drive to read and write/rewrite Blu-Ray discs.

I have found 3 drives that would work. Any new ideas/more info would be great. Here are my basic requirements.

What I am wondering is which one is best for quality/speed at like 8x or 12x, Lightscribe would be nice, and HD-DVD would be good too. Some of these 3 options have that.

Price is not that big an issue (just not too expensive).

Oh yeah, needs to be 5.25" SATA internal drive.

Here are the links to the 3 Drives:

Any responses would be great, thanks!

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    The pioneer is the fastest. Is speed worth ~$50 more to you?
  2. not as much now that i see that pioneer and lg BH08 have same BD ROM speed

    thanks for helping, ima go with the lg BH
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