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None of my harddrives work since I added another one. One doesnt even show up in the bios anymore. Everything just boots to a black screen with a flashing cursor. Not even Windows vista dvd or Windows 7 dvd will boot.
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  1. If you remove the drive does everything work? If not, then check all your cables and power connectors to see if you dislodged one slightly.
  2. 400gb will show up in the bios and the 500gb will not. I checked all of them many times.
  3. I know this might sound crazy but it is possible your psu is going. I installed a second hd in a customers pc and as soon as I plugged the new drive in the computer would not boot but after unplugging the new drive it worked fine. I ended up replacing the psu and everything worked fine. Good luck.
  4. None of them will boot now. My old one will show up but not boot up even if its the only drive in there. The second one wont even show up in the bios
  5. Did you try chrisop's suggestion and try another power supply?

    It sounds like you may have some sort of hardware failure that coincided with the new hard drive.
  6. not yet because i need to order a new one. I think it may be a hardware problem though
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