Radeon 9250? Or Geforce 8600?

I can't decide which card to use. Any help?
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  1. Definitely the 8600, even the lowliest 8600 is 7 tiers above the 9250
    the 9250 was never a good card to begin with and would never stand up to modern gaming even at low settings.
  2. What?!?! They have a 9250?? :lol: Anyways, +1 to hunter. Also, 8600 is NOT a very good gaming card also. Look in to the ATI 4350/9600GT or higher for gaming cards.
  3. The 8600 is much faster than the good old 9250. Of course you would be much better off with a cheap modern card like a 9500GT or a Radeon 4650 if you are only gonna do light gaming. If you want to play modern games (shooters and most RPGs) with at least medium settings then you will need a better card than that though.
  4. also unless you got a Asrock with both AGP and PCIe get the card that will work with your current Mobo....But IMO both cards lack in performance , get a 4830 or 4770 if your mobo has PCIe if you still got AGP i recommend looking at a PC overhaul XD
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