My new pc :P

Processor:Intel Core i7-975 3.33GHz
Motherboard:Rampage II Extreme
Graphics Card:2x Nvidia GTX295
CPU Cooler:CORSAIR CWCH50 Water Coole
Case: orsair Obsidian Series 800D CC800DW
System Hard Drives: corsair P128 (CMFSSD-128GBG2D) 2.5" 128GB SATA II

this all what i can think of right now :P
im not sure if there is better motherboard then this and i dont know what Power Supply i should get
and if there is anything i missed tell me what.
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  1. the asrock extreme is a good board, the i7 975 is over rated a well clocked i7 920 will match it,the gtx 295 is way overpriced and the ati 5xxx series release is imminent
  2. Well this is a hell of a troll if i ever saw one, did you just pick out the most expensive parts you could? There is 0 legitimate use for that system, and it will get out performed by a system costing less than half of the cost. If you actually intended this to be real, use the template shown at the top of the forum and we will help you pick out parts.
  3. yes hunter315 im trying to build a gaming pc and yes i need some help with picking out the parts :P
  4. A 920, p6t, OCZ platinums, 2 GTX 275s, a corsair 850HX, prolimatech's megahalem, and a gen 2 SSD from intel.
  5. yeah, the 975 is not worth the money. Of course a skilled overclocker can push the 975 further than a 920, but to do so increases the cost of the build exponentially. For a CPU cooler, go with high quality air, or a full watercooling setup. Anyone serious about moving a lot of heat off a processor won't be looking at compact or all-in-one water cooling.
  6. I'd recommend the gen 2 SSD from intel if you can actually find one. If you want to get an SSD that's readily available, the best option is the OCZ Vertex right now.
  7. my build will cost me like $3600 and im still look for cheaper parts or better :D
  8. the ocz vertex or patriot torqx are just under the gen 2's at a better price
  9. Use the template shown in here, im willing to bet that price can be halved
  10. anyone know what Power Supply is good for my rig so far lol?
  11. im not going to start to buy anythings tell next month so im still thinking and looking for parts and idea's :P
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