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Hi, I recently upgraded my system with a fast SSD

I only have Windows 7 and a few basic programs and games installed. However it is not running as fast as I expected. The windows experience index says it is only 7.4, which still makes it the bottleneck in my system! And it does not seem as fast as it should be. It is connected to the Sata 3 port on my motherboard. I found a driver on the OCZ website but it would not let me install it because it says it cant be used on the drive that the OS is installed on, however in device manager it says the driver IS up to date.

My system has also been crashing since I installed this and sometimes fails to start. I dont know if this is to do with the new SSD.

Can anyone help?
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  1. Also since I installed this, every time I press the power button it fails to start just the first time.

    Can anyone help? Should I send it back?
  2. UPDATE: I have sorted the crashing and the startup problem and I am buying a PCI card with SATA 3 as I have read that my motherboard has slow sata 3 ports.
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