AMD Phenom X4 Quad Core vs. Athlon II X4 Quad Core

Which is a faster CPU? I am looking to buy a budget computer and these two are priced very differently. HP Pavilion p6210f Desktop is on sale for $500 after $60 rebate. Gateway DX4200-09 Desktop PC is $350. The HP has more memory but everything else seem to be the same.

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  1. What are you going to be using the computer for? For basic tasks a quick dual core is sufficient. Now is this a Phenom X4 or a Phenom II X4? The Athlon II and Phenom II perform nearly identically clock for clock, the lack of an L3 cache on the Athlon does not hinder it too much, but if its a first generation phenom the Athlon II will likely beat it in most tasks, especially if it has a higher clock speed. I believe the 1st generation Phenoms topped off at about 2.6.
  2. The Athlon II x4 is the faster chip over the Phenom X4 but not the Phenom II X4.

    ^+1 Hunter315
  3. Is it worth the price different in $150 to go with an HP with Athlon II X4 or stick with a Gateway Phenom X4. Since Quad Core is priced about the same as Dual Core for budget computer, I don't see the need to get a Dual Core. Going with Quad Core means I can keep it for 5 years like I did with my budget AMD Athlon currently used and dying slow thanks for MS Windows.
  4. Can you link to the two systems you are considering? There is likely a bigger difference than just the processor. You just plan on using it for basic office tasks and web surfing right?
  5. By the way, I haven't looked at computer purchase and technology for the last 5 years so I don't know about the latest chipset and such. I do use my computer for a lot of things and put a lot of stress the CPU. My work PC is a dual core and it can't keep up with me. I browse the web to watch video while downloading/uploading large work files (1 gig+) and running security software in the background currently. With the new PC, I plan to possibly getting into Matlab and AutoCAD as well. I may not sound like much but the dual core PC at work can't handle it.
  6. Yeah the Athlon II X4 will blow the Phenom X4 9100e @ 1.8GHz away, that is a much older slower phenom, though the HP does trick you into getting 6GB of ram but AutoCAD and Matlab will probably appreciate it. Also gets you a copy of windows 7 so you wont have to pay for an upgrade which is good. I would go for the HP, its definitely worth it over the Gateway.
  7. hunter315 said:
    Can you link to the two systems you are considering? There is likely a bigger difference than just the processor. You just plan on using it for basic office tasks and web surfing right?

    I plan to do a lot of file sharing with co-workers. We work on modeling and simulation packages from Satellite Tool Kit (STK) and exchange extension files for widget plug-in simulation. The files are quite big and the simulation is CPU intensive.

    I know neither PC can play Left4Dead or Battlefield 2 so I am not even going to embarrass myself by asking. I do plan to get an dedicated graphic card once price lower a big and use dual screen with the dedicated video output possibly doing game while the integrated video card is used for tasks not graphic card intensive.
  8. Thank hunter. I bought the HP 2 hours ago and saw the Gateway at BJ. I am hoping that the HP has an empty memory slot so I can bring the memory total to 8 GIG which is all I'll need for the next 5 years. I haven't opened the thing yet. My current PC, powered by AMD Athlon x86 Family 6 Step 10 2.2 GigHertzis very good for web browsing and filesharing but because the OS is so crapped out from lack of re-install the past 3 years, it will slow to a halt when real application is used. I got it 5+ years ago and put in a budget but dedicated graphic card to delay the total upgrade. It does live in a bad-ass ASUS case though unlike most computers at brick and mortar shops.

    I'll crack the new PC and test it out.
  9. If you throw in a 4670 you should be able to game at medium settings rather well. The Athlon II's perform quite well for their price so dont be discouraged by the fact that its not a phenom.
  10. Quote:
    The Gateway DX4200-09 is based on the OLD Phenom I processor, they are pretty slow.

    The HP Pavilion p6210f is based on the new Athlon II which is a cut down Phenom II.

    The Athlon II and Phenom II are near enough the same speed, the HP Pavilion p6210f has the faster quadcore.

    The Pavilion also has 6 GBs of memory which is more attractive to the than the Gateway's 4 GBs.

    Bare in mind the HP Pavilion p6210f is will make good multimedia rig, photoshop, encoding, Microsoft office etc. – (you’d need a dedicated gaming card if you are a gamer)
    Sidenote, I find it strange that HP are building AMD rigs with 6 GBs and not 4 GBs or 8 GBs for dual channel!

    They do have an 8 GIG at Bestbuy for $ 600but it sold out. I got mine at Office Depot for $500 after mail-in rebate. I never like the way HP and Compaq pack their PCs as they cramp everything real tight. My current PC is a Compaq and I switched it to a nice ASUS case the moment I got it. I wish they just charge more and put some lighting in their case. If I want a boring office desktop, I'll get a overpriced Dell. I want my personal computer to be like Christmas tree.
  11. The 'stay away via 10 foot pole' sign ought to be erected on previous gen AMD multicores i.e K8/Agena (Phenom 1) lol I would say consider the 95W TDP P2X4 925 for fresh builds as well
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