A8-3500m overclocked perfromance against Sandy Bridge?

It seems safe to overclock the A8-3500m to 2.3GHZ at least using K10Stat (and further if less conservative).

So - overclocked A8-3500m, on ~pure-CPU tasks, where does that put this CPU in relation to the Sandy Bridge (or if necessary, older architecture Intel) ones? Any ~pure-CPU benchmark results?

All the benchmark results I find are either not-overclocked, or Passmark, where I have no idea what % of results come from overclocked chips.

So looking at CPU "only" tasks...an overclocked A8-3500m has about the same performance as an...i3? As a Core 2 Duo...T7500? What?

Everything I can find only talks about the overall CPU/GPU performance. Thanks.
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