Intel X58SO Fails to boot

Hi. I've resently purchased an Intel X58SO mobo and ran it with an Intel I7 920 CPU. Yesterday morning when I tried to power up the machine it failed to boot. It does not even POST and the monitor does not come out of sleep mode. The fans start spinning, as well as the hard drives but nothing happens. Removed memory and started machine up again and the machine beeped to indicate that no memory is present. Replaced memory and moved screen card from one pci-e slot to the other, stil no boot. Took it to vendor who replaced it with other motherboard. Set up everything again and the PC booted and worked fine. Until this morning. The only thing I've done this morning is to install a small fan (plugged into the IOH fan header) over the IOH heat sink but removed it because it ran a little noisy. After removing the fan and starting the PC again, the PC failed to POST or boot. Any ideas?
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  1. You do not give us much to go on, a complete list of your system would prove most helpful.

    Please go through this check list.
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