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I am currently having heat issues with an intel e6420 and an ati 4870 in my cooler master mid tower. For cooling I have a single 120mm intake at the front of the case an a sycthe infinity heatsink, but both my cpu and graphics card tend to run at roughly 55 degrees under light load with out any overclocking. What could be the issue?
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  1. That's hot for what your doing, and what you are doing it with. Two likely issues:

    - cpu cooler not installed properly, dust clogging cooling fins, etc.

    - hot air not getting out of the case. Could be because you have no exhaust fan, dust is jamming your intake fan, etc.

    But first, please use RealTemp or CPUID Hardware Monitor (if you aren't already) and report temps.

    Also, what model Coolermaster case do you have - I'd like to take a look at it.
  2. I am using coretemp for the temperatures and am getting 54 on one core and 56 on the other, and a graphics card readout of 57 came from the ATI software. When installed, the heat sink was doing its job. It may be loose now though as the fins do not feel very hot when touched. Neither fan is dusty but the heat sink may be running slower than it should be.
  3. Just adding that I am not sure what model case I have. I bought it on newegg a few years ago and cannot find the same model still on the site.
  4. Graphics cards run hotter than CPU's. Your GPU temps seem fine. I would pick up some MX-2, take off your HSF, clean off the stock thermal paste, and re-install the HSF with MX-2.

    ARCTIC COOLING MX-2 Thermal Compound - Retail $7.98
  5. If I've got the right cooler - that the one you can hang 4 fans on lol?

    Anyhow, if its loose or may be loose . . . tighten it up. The other things I mentioned (dust, fans working) should also be checked.

    Are the fans blowing toward each other lol? Nah, can't be.

    Changed anything recently?

    You could also try taking one of those fans off and mounting it (temporarily with twist ties or tape) to serve as a case exhaust fan. But if the temps were once cool . . . you would have had this problem from the gitgo.
  6. The cooler has a single fan with the option for a second. The case fan is in the front at the bottom so they are not interfering. I would prefer save removing the heat sink as a last resort option. It was very difficult to attach on my mobo. Also, I am using some kind of aftermarket heat paste, but I am not sure which one exactly. My brother helped me install the heat sink and he knows what he is doing (he does it for a living). I would ask him but he is at college.
  7. I just ran some programs and my cpu temp went up to 63 on both cores, but it seemed to drop back to 57/54 quickly enough. Does this indicate anything?
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    First of al, I misinterpreted one of your comments and thought you had two fans on the cooler.

    Yes. Well, maybe. If the temps went down while you were still running those programs, the cooler fan was probably sped up by the mobo.

    If the temps went up after briefly running programs, and dropped quickly once you were done - it means nothing. CPUs cool quickly once they drop to idle.

    Your cpu and stock cooler, in a 21C room, will rise above 50C during a Prime95 stress test, the fans kick in, and the temp drops back under 50C. Yours is running hotter, on less work (not Prime95).

    What is your room temperature?

    Is there any DUST clogging air intake, air exhaust, or the fins of your cooler?
  9. They only thing that might have dust in it is my intake fan but I cannot easily access it. The program I ran was actually prime 95 to heat up my computer and it leveled off at 63C. My room is somewhere in the 70F range for temperature. If it means anything the fins on my cooler are roughly room temperature.
  10. Well, if you are running Prime95 on BOTH cores, and that's as high as it gets after say an hour's run, you are in no danger of overheating. Nothing you do will generate as much cpu heat as that. It's still hotter than it should be, and when your brother comes home he should check the heatsink.

    When you also crank up your 4870, the inside temps will get warmer and the cpu temp will rise a bit, just like it would if your room were warmer. It'll be worse if your 4870 is a one-slot design, ie, doesn't exhaust some of its own hot air out of the case.

    Your intake fan is critical to cooling - as are all of your outlet vents. You *must* get hot air out of the case. Your tower does that by forcing in air and trusting it will get out some vent holes, pushing hot air with it. If its possible your intake fan isn't getting enough air in because of dust blocking air flow, you've just got to clean a path.

    In a worst case scenario, run with the side cover off to keep it cooler.
  11. I managed to vaccum dust out of my intake fan through the grate on the front of my case. This has cooled my cpu off by about 12C. Thanks for the help.
  12. Great!
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