Evga p55 v overclocking?

Hey all, I just realized that I bought a board that is apparently not meant for overclocking? (I was told at microcenter all the boards I was looking at (including the one I bought) would OC - the salesman apparently knew nothing about what he was talking about...) and so I was wondering... is this true and to what extent? because I have a service plan for the mobo...I can OC and get a free new one simple if anything happens - so I am willing to OC to whatever ghz on this baby. Anyone have an idea of the limitations? could I do a x160 and maintain the turbo while still gaining a slight overclock?

also my CPU is the core i5 750 and RAM is OCZ PC12800 (1600mhz) - can the RAM be run higher than 1333 on this board?

my ULTIMATE question is ... if this board cannot OC well at all... will the core i5 750 even at stock settings be able to run basically any 2 cards (besides the $400 + ones) in SLI (such as 2 GTX 260s) without bottlenecking? - and will those 2 cards run at full speed under x8 in sli?

(assuming that bandwidth is above and beyond the GTX 260s).

Hope somebody can assist me on this! Thanks in advance!
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  1. The EVGA forum has a sticky for overclocking a P55. Following the instructions should get you a good safe overclock. I have a stable 4.0 ghz on the I5-750 using the EVGA p55 SLI.
  2. this is the "p55 v" - it's like a weakened version of the micro I found out... I'm kinda pissed and am not sure If I can simply exchange it in with money for a better mobo... but at least it was only a $90 board - I'll just buy a better LGA 1156 in a year or so when new games require better speeds etc I think
  3. Go with E-leet utility, but this board isn't for overclock. If you want a very good overclocker go with P55 FTW.
  4. * P55V and H55V Motherboards not supported

    It says that on eleet's page
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