Is there a way to power up my external hard drive without usb

the problem im having is my wd tb exsternal hard drive i plug power in then usb before led light would come on and start blinking for about 3 to 4 seconds then computer would reconize it now blue light comes on but doesnot blink can feel movement on hard drive though so when i pull usb out if power plug is still in hardrive the light stays on can i use factory jumper settings with special plug to gain access to my data
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  1. Usually it is the power adapter that fails external HDD's. You may have to tear it apart removed the HDD and place it in another enclosure. If its a 3.5cm hdd then put in in a computer and see that is still runs.
  2. dormantreign is spot on. Pull it out and either get a new enclosure, or run it directly in the computer.
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