XFX GeForce 8600GT and WOW

Okay here's my system
Gigabye GA-M57SLI-S4
AMD Phenom 9600x4
XFX Geforce 8600GT Fatal1ty 1gb
5gb RAM
Windows 7 x64

I've tried everything I can think of, I thought I had a really nice system and should be pulling really good fps in WoW no matter what settings I run in game.
I've shut everything off in video settings, played with everything I can think of, tried all kinds of settings in 10mans I do fine with particle density all the way up, but 25s with everything all the way down I only pull maybe 5fps during entensive boss fights and such, like 12-22 fps in dalaran
I'm out of ideas, I know a guy in my guild with half the system I have runs 60fps in raids, runs fraps all that, has his vid settings all the way up..... what am I doing wrong?
I've updated drivers, updated my bios all that, checked for virus, spyware everything.... got maybe a 5fps jump outta that, I've tried everything I can possibly think of, please help
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  1. wooh..!
    it runs gr8 on a 8600gt in my experience
    already played it man !
    see if its not an overheating or psu issue !
  2. your cpu is a bottleneck
  3. how is my cpu bottleneck? it's a nice cpu... x4? is there anyway I can fix this without upgrading my cpu? and if I do upgrade the cpu any suggestions on what to get?
  4. d2freak82 said:
    how is my cpu bottleneck? it's a nice cpu... x4? is there anyway I can fix this without upgrading my cpu? and if I do upgrade the cpu any suggestions on what to get?

    actually the original Phenoms are not that good (Phenom II's are good), though i am pretty sure wow is a pretty cpu/internet heavy game, have you tried over clocking the cpu and see if you get more frames?
  5. scared to overclock, any tips or suggestions how to do that?
  6. download amd overdrive
  7. I got the program when I try to load it, it says AMD 7 series not detected.... any other suggestions?
  8. you gonna have to do it manually through bios by upping the bus speed
  9. alright, I'll give it a shot, little nervous about it.... I mean I've experience in bios, just not overclocking.... is there any good utilities that are good to monitor the temps and performance?
  10. butt get an after market cpu cooler first



    http://www.majorgeeks.com/Prime95_d4363.html for testing if your system is stable
  11. there's no other programs to overclock inside of windows though?
  12. yeah rivatuner and speedfan i think
  13. still working on this, but I'll probably be looking into new cpu and mobo, I'm a fan of gigabyte.... but any suggestions for new cpu's and mobo's?
    I want to run wow with good performance, looked at the phenom II's they look pretty sweet, but I don't know if i want to run intel or amd..... gimme best suggestions please
  14. whats your budget?
  15. don't wanna spend over 1000 on cpu mobo and ram, kinda like to keep the ram I have actually.... so if it supports ddr2 that's a plus =)
  16. Just a quick thought, and not sure if it will apply to your vid card or not. I don't know if Ambient Occlusion is a feature supported in the NVidia Driver set for 8600GT's, but if it is, make sure that is turned off. I have a pretty decent system (though, I am using a 9800GX2) and the latest NVidia drivers seem to default to AO set to on, which causes the overall FPS to take a massive hit. Check the NVidia Control Panel under 3d settings, and I believe it's the first item on the list.

    For that matter, check all the settings on that list to make sure they are where they need to be. (AA, Triple Buffering if using vsync, etc.) If I am not mistaken, most of those control panel driver settings will tend to override in-game settings, so even if you are telling WOW to run with whatever specifications, your driver settings might be bogging your system down.

    I turned off the AO in the Control Panel (IMO that particular eyecandy added relatively little to the overall experience, at least with respect to the performance impact it takes), and damn near doubled my FPS, even in heavily populated areas like Dalaran.

    Good luck, hopefully that helps without costing you for new hardware.
  17. that would be the one!
  18. your in luck it seems you can just drop in a phenom 2 on your board just get the latest bios and you set and get a cpu cooler this time
  19. there any chance it could be my power supply or something with the video card? I mean a setting in bios slowing my video down, is there anyway to test that?
    I'm running 550watt power supply...

    I mean are you guys sure it's my cpu? Because i don't wanna order one and it not solve my issue
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