790X vs 785G

Getting ready to build an HTPC/Gaming rig, and have narrowed my motherboard choices down to two.

Gigabyte GA-785GMT-USB3

I know the integrated graphics are better on the 790X based board, but I plan on getting a dedicated graphics card in a few months, so don't really want to base my decision on that. Right now I'm leaning towards the Gigabyte since it supports USB 3.0, but I'm wondering what the performance difference between the two boards will be. Every comparison I've found has been focused on the graphics. I'd like to know what the performance difference would be if both boards had a dedicated graphics card. If the 790X would still give me a substantial edge in performance then I would gladly give up USB 3.0 support.
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  1. From what I have heard the 785 will run cooler and also has a newer gpu chipset that supports direct x 10.1 and 790gx only supports direct x 10. If you never plan on running 2 or more graphics cards id say go with the 785. imo (Plus the bonus of being sata3 and usb 3.0 ready :)
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