Fans spins then stop. (No boot)

Hey guys, so I finally got some components together, I wired it all up in my case and when I try powering it up the fans (CPU fans, Fans plugged into motherboard and molex powered ones) start and then stop within seconds (I dont even think its seconds) I then have to unplug and wait for my Motherboard LED to turn off before I can plug the lead back in and it does the same thing again or I can hold down the power button for about 5 seconds and then power it up again with the same outcome (Does this mean the motherboard is alive since it thinks its turned on?). Ive tried with different and no RAM, with a different PSU, without GPU, without sound card, without any cards, without CPU, without Heatsink and fan. When i tried without the CPU the GPU fan and the PSU fan seemed to spin for longer than normally not sure if thats significant. I've tried clearing my CMOS. This is all I can get from google and my own computer knowledge so I'm hoping the experts of Toms Hardware can help me with this. My specs are as follows:

ASUS P5QC Motherboard, (I bought this used from ebay but it said it was working)
E6400 Intel Core2Duo,
Ati Sapphire HD5750,
4GB OCZ Platinum (4x1GB) DDR2,
TX650W Corsair PSU,

This is frustrating since im bound to a Laptop if this doesn't work :fou:
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  1. maybe it's a wrong plug ,when something is connected wrong the motherboard
    will shut down or not start in order to prevent components damage.,
    check your wiring motherboard again. and good luck
  2. it could be a blowen cap in the power supply... try switching it out and booting the machine... hope this helps
  3. c0ll3ct0r3 said:
    it could be a blowen cap in the power supply... try switching it out and booting the machine... hope this helps

    I definitely agree that's a good place to check. When a machine does this (turns on for a half-second and then stops) it's usually a power issue. It can be a dying power supply, a power cable not plugged in all the way, or sometimes a bad motherboard not knowing how to distribute the power. Or an Intel motherboard being fine but not knowing how to distribute the power on anything but stock voltage.
  4. I have the same issue. I can't replace the power supply though.
  5. Is the CPU power in? its next to the CPU socket, it's easy to miss it on your first build. Unplug everything, then replug it in again and see. If that dont work it is either the PSU or Motherboard.
  6. never mind 20mins and no reply!
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