2500k + fatal1ty z68 overclock issue

Hello, I just built a new system, specs bellow, and I'm having some issues with overclocking. This is the first time I tried overclocking a processor but this is not the first system I've built on my own, so I read some stuff online about overclocking, and some examples of overclock some people did with this motherboard. First thing I tried was the fatal1ty self overclock feature they have, where you select the speed and it does the rest, I figured if they have the feature then there should be no harm, pretty true too. I went first with the 4.4ghz, very stable, ran Prime95 with CPU-Z and RealTemp, very stable, temps were bellow 66C, I uped to 4.6ghz, temps were stable, I left to run on its own, big mistake, some reason my cooler turned off and cpu overheated to over 80 and pc shut down. I was freaking out, fixed the issue (the pins on the power plug of the cooler were loose) and tested again, went for the 4.6ghz and peaked temp was 71C, got stable at 66C on the highest core for about 2 hours, now here is where the problem started, I can't get it higher than 4.6ghz no matter what. Right after that I used the asrock F-Stream feature to up the multiplier to 47, computer froze instantly, restarted and manually set the bios features, on 4.6ghz it was stable at 1.35volts, so I tried for 1.38volts fixed voltage, windows froze at windows booting logo, I kept bringing it up little by little, the max volts I tried was 1.5volts. I also tried some other features people mentioned, but I would like to hear some other opinions and maybe some successful settings to get this thing a little higher, I could take some screen shots if need be of the bios and whatever. I am frustrated that I can't get stable over 4.6ghz, I plan on ordering more fans to get this setup even colder, and some other mods too, but if this is the max I can get it I wont even bother as it seems to be cool enough as it is.

i5-2500k @ 4.6Ghz
AsRock Fatal1ty Z68 Gen3
G.Skills Ripjaws X 1600 8gb
Corsair H100 push only, maybe future push/pull
Corsair HX1050
Crucial m4 128gb SSD
Seagate 7200rpm 500gb
Cooler Master Storm Trooper
Some old CD/DVD RW
Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit
TBA Graphics Card
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  1. OC'ing is a hit or miss proposition -- some mobos of the same make and model perform differently from others. I OC to prove a point, but for most purposes and time keep the system at stock because I value longevity over macho-ness. Besides, the games I run don't need the OC'ing.

    Did you get the 4.6 GHz OC through the AXTU and the UEFI or from your own tweaks? I got the 4.8 GHz through the UEFI. I have not seen a lot of reports of getting over the 4.8 GHz, and the 4.6 GHz is pretty good.

    When you play with over-voltage you play with stability and longevity. It may be that the over-heating and shut down did some damage.
  2. Son No. 3 has a 2600k w/ the Thermalright Silver Arrow and on the day of the build, my max temps and numbers at 4.6Ghz were:

    4.6 Ghz - 62, 66, 68, 65 (voltage 1.360 - 1.368) LLC = High

    So, since the 2600k runs about 5C hotter than the 2500k at 4.6 Ghz, I would have expected your temps to be about 58-63. The number on the reference box are a bit lower now after some tweaking and burn in. This is the "normal boot" for routine gaming and applications.

    My initial run at 4.8 GHz was a bit more challenging at first. The initial run ran...

    4.8 Ghz 71, 77, 79, 72 (1.408 - 1.416) LLC = Ultra High

    Turning off HT dropped the temps by 7-9C and this is saved as an alternate boot profile for the most demanding games. With some tweaking, we dropped it an additional 3 or 4 C

    But I don't think heat is your issue....while I like to keep temps below 72, many peeps have no issue routinely getting into the mid 80's. I'd suggest running OCCT's CPU and GPU tests and observing the graphed results at the end paying specific attention to voltage stability. The HX850 is a superb power supply garnering a 10.0 performance rating from jonnyguru ..... however, the HX1050 gets a rather pedestrian 8.5 rating.....with voltage regulation and ripple being the primary concerns.
  3. I would say the issue I'm having is not so much about the temperature I'm getting, if I bump my cpu fans to high I could get lower temperatures, its rather the inability of my clock to get higher than 4.6ghz. I'm running this tool you told me about, the OCCT, will see if it sheds some light in my problem, but I would to know if its usual for my cpu to be stable at 4.6ghz under 1.35 volts roughly, but not be able to get any higher than that no matter what the voltage? If this motherboard or cpu is bad I could easly just exchange it at the store rather than keeping them. If its a problem do you think its motherboard or cpu related?
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    4.6ghz could be as high as your going to get, sometimes that's just as good as you can go with your cpu/mobo not all cpus are the same. also 1.5v is like absolute max only people with 5ghz+ overclocks should be going near that voltage, 1.3x is usually the mark for ~4.5ish overclocks from what i've seen. I clocked my i7-2600k to 4.5 at 1.375v and that was stable so i was happy, a 1.1ghz overclock is already pretty extreme past that your upping voltages more and more reducing lifetime of your cpu for marginal gains
  5. So what you are saying is that even though it is stable with only 1.35 voltage at reasonable temperatures when I can push it much higher, this is as high as the cpu will go?
  6. Not a definite, but it could be. Personally I'm happy at 4.5, going a couple hundred mhz faster doesn't seem worth it to me for the amount of vcore you need to feed it.
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