ECS A790GXM-A Ram Problems

Hi! I have a problem with installing more than 3GB of ram. When is install 4GB my pc refuses to boot into windows, it shows the windows starting screen then flashes a blue screen so fast that i cant see the message and then restarts. Ive tried setting the timings and clock frequency manually but it still wont boot. Ive tried using differnt ram slots with different ram chips aswell. Im using two Apacer 1GB DDR2 800MHz chips and two Kingston KVR 2GB DDR2 800Mhz chips. The Pc boots fine with one 2GB chip and one 1GB chip or both 1GB chips and one 2GB chip arranged any way on the motherboard, it just wont go into windows with more than 3GB ram installed, Oh and im using windows 7 ultimate 64bit
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  1. Look for a memory mapping setting in the bios, and try changing it. Mixing ram is always risky.
  2. there is no memory mapping setting in the bios settings. there is only manual clock calibration, Timing mode, channel interleaving and bank interleaving. Ive tried enabling and disabling these but still no luck. Ive also managed to get the blue screen to pause, it says that my system bios is not fully acpi comliant. I found the setting in the bios but if i disable it windows doesn't even show the boot screen, it just restarts.
  3. Never mind, im going to buy a new mother board tomorrow that is NOT ECS. If anyone is reading this post here's a tip: if anyone suggests an ECS mobo for your pc, kill him with it because it is a crap board
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