"reboot and select proper boot device problem"

can anyone help me with my problem with my PC i am not good in Computer Hardware's.

i am having a problem with booting, when i was using my computer it just hanged and i can't do anything but to restart and after loading few seconds this appears in my screen

"reboot and select proper boot deviceor insert boot media in selected boot device"

how do i fix this problem? please help. thanks in advance for people who are concern.. :)
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    Remove any CDs from the optical drives and if you still see that message, the hard disk has a problem. When did it last work properly?

  2. last night sir, i was playing online game and it just hanged and after i restart the computer this error show's up

    "reboot and select proper boot deviceor insert boot media in selected boot device"

    i don't know what to do since im not much good when it comes to pc hardwares.

  3. This all depends on what the system thinks is the "selected boot device". If there's a CD in the drive - perhaps the game you were playing - and t isn't a bootable CD, the system will throw that message because it's set to look to a CD first to find something to boot from. That's why I suggested removing any CDs from the ROM first.

    If the BIOS is set to bot from the hard disk first, you have a problem because if that is failing to boot, you need your XP CD to repair the fault.

    Turn the machine on and tap whatever the screen tells you to go into BIOS or Setup - usually Delete or Function 2. Look through the menus for the Boot Order or Boot Sequence and see what's top of the list then post back the details.

  4. the problem is the pc sir, when i turn it on that error shows up.. telling that "reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device"
    is it bcoz i have a problem with my Harddisk?

    i already look into the bios but i didn't move anything in my bios... i am always using my pc but this is my first problem encounter, i can't even use my pc coz when i turn it on that errors show up.

    i'd like to know how to troubleshoot problems like this that's why i came here to ask experts :) thanks for responding to me sir.
  5. hola amigos creo que tu problema es el dvd rom o cd rom cambialo por otro y instala el sistema operativo ami me paso lo mismo y el problema era que el dvd rom no estaba booteando compre un nuevo disco duro y siguio el mismo problema pero ahora tengo los dos discos duros funcionando por cierto los dos hdd son de 40.00gb bueno amigo cambia el dvd rom o el cd rom que tengas por otro bueno esto te lo he dado estoy aqui en windows xp mi pc es una
    intel R pentium 4 3.0ghz
    tarjeta de video intel media accelarator drivers 256mb de video
    memoria ram de 512mb pero tendre 1gb
    tarjeta de sonido realtek hd igdefinition audio driver
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